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     "Chaudan Saai Tetees ki Magh Sudi Pandras,
    Dukhion ke Kalyan Hit Pargte Sri Ravidas"

Date of Birth : Year 1377 AD
                     (Bikrami Samvat-Magh Sudi 15, 1433)
Birth Place : Seer Goverdhanpur, Banaras (U.P.)
Name of Father : Respected Sh. Santokh Dass Ji
Name of Mother : Respected Smt. Kalsi Devi Ji
Name of Grandfather : Respected Sh. Kalu Ram Ji
Name of Grandmother : Respected Smt. Lakhpati Ji
Name of wife & son : Wife-Respected Smt. Lona Ji &
                                 Son-Respected Sh. Vijay Dass Ji.
Brahamleen : Harh Di Sangrand 1584,  Bikrami Samvat (1528) at Banara


Shri Guru Ravi Dass Ji was born in the fifteenth Century at Kanshi (Goverthan Puri) U.P. State in India. His birthday is celebrated on the Puran Mashi of the month Magh. His mother's name was Mata Kalsi Ji and his father's name was Baba Santokh Dass Ji, who was employed as a Sarpanch in the Kingdom of Raja Nagar Mal. Guru Sahib Ji came to this earth at a time when social and religious patterns of society were very distressing. He spear headed the fight against man made discriminations based on caste, colour and creed. He preached the lofty ideas of Socialism, Secularism, Equality and Fraternity.

From early childhood he was very much devoted to worshipping the real God. The high caste Brahmans created so many problems for him and tried their best to restrict Guru Ji.Because of this Guru Ji had to appear before the King of Nagar Mal many times. In the end the King was persuaded and became a follower of Guru Ravi Dass Ji. Guru Ravi Dass Ji taught the lessons of Universal Brotherhood and tolerance. He also taught the message of love your neighbour which has got more importance in today's world.

The idea behind celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Ravi Ji is to bring his message to the heart of the people so as to enrich their lives and make the world a Real HEAVEN.

    तोही मोही मोही तोही अंतरु कैसा कनक कटिक जल तरंग जैसा ॥१॥
    जउ पै हम पाप करंता अहे अनंता पतित पावन नामु कैसे हुंता ॥१॥ रहाउ
    तुम्ह जु नाइक आछहु अंतरजामी प्रभ ते जनु जानीजै जन ते सुआमी ॥२॥
    सरीरु आराधै मो कउ बीचारु देहू रविदास सम दल समझावै कोऊ ॥३॥

The following ANGs (pages) in Guru Granth Sahib have recorded Bhagat Ravidas ji's bani:

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